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Helping New Zealand farmers improve soil health and farm efficiency.

Functional Fertiliser is at the forefront of developing products that are beneficial to soil and crop requirements.

Regardless of what is grown, there is a dependency on soil – particularly the humus content, and humus is often referred to as the greatest storehouse of energy on our planet.

The more we can do to nourish and improve our soil, the longer we can farm profitably.

Supported by science.

Functional fertiliser

Our Products

A unique Soil Improver containing Calcium (Lime), soft carbon and microbes for plant growth and soil health

Providing environmentally friendly Nitrogen

The Humus Builder

A unique Soil Improver containing biologically active Dolomite.

Underpinning sustainable growth.

A unique soil improver

Building Humus by speeding digestion.  Contains lime and dolomite.

News and Updates

Functional Fertiliser Rotational Grazing And The Need For Rest

The need for rest

The word need should only be used to provide a sense of urgency and is unfortunately over-used in both everyday discussion and printed material. It

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Digestion before growth

Another two large dairy enterprises in North Otago are listed as mortgagee sales.  We understand the lack of profitability of both dates back some time,

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“Just give me the App”

It’s not an uncommon response when we talk to farmers and farm managers about pasture management. We would if we could but that’s not possible. 

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One option stands out

Farmers and growers are spoilt for choice when it comes to fertiliser products. Mostrely on the advice of their local farmer co-op representative. Many ask

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Don’t treat soil like dirt – treat it with Functional Fertiliser.
Tim, Oamaru
Our pasture is doing really well as compared to when we moved here 4 yrs ago. It used to be the worst looking on the road now quite the opposite, a very rich green and all the stems standing up. All the bare patches have filled in and thatching all but disappeared.
Neil, Taupo
Just a quick note to tell you the fertiliser I got off you has been AMAZING. I have the most wonderfully healthy and burgeoning gardens. And where I have used soil for potting mix, the results are spectacular.
Clare, Selwyn Huts
This stuff is amazing. I have clover coming up where there was none before, thanks!!
Lance Unsworth

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