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Garden Zest By Funtional Fertiliser


Building Humus by speeding digestion

A unique Soil Improver from
Functional Fertiliser Ltd

Why Choose GardenZest?

As a result of improved physical soil structures and increased biological activity along with essential nutrients, the application of GardenZest provides the following benefits:

  • Heavier yield
  • Higher brix levels
  • Earlier maturity
  • Reduced pest and disease pressure
  • More even lawn growth and ground cover

Elemental Sulphur
Soft phosphate rock (gradual release)
Potassium Sulphate, and the trace elements, Boron, Selenium and Cobalt

(CalciZest and DoloZest® supply lime & dolomite along with soft carbons and a wide range of selected beneficial fungi and bacteria.)

Recommendation for use:
For general use and as a base dressing for crops, sprinkle liberally and fork well into the soil. After plants are established they may be side-dressed – scratch into the soil, and water.

Building Humus by speeding digestion.

Nutrient dense, high brix fruit and vegetables last longer.

The measure of a healthy crop is produce with a high brix and with minimal pest or disease damage. Brix is a measure of soluble sugars The brix level of a crop is dependent on the balanced uptake of all essential nutrients and the ability of the plant to efficiently photosynthesise.

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