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functional fertiliser customer testimonials and feedback
Functional fertiliser
Don’t treat soil like dirt – treat it with Functional Fertiliser.
Tim, Oamaru

I sleep very relaxed every night knowing that we are not polluting the rural sector, and that our wetland remains in a very healthy condition.

It is a real pleasure to have healthy soils and farm as well as happy healthy cattle, thank you. The farm provides me with a clean fresh life and we are thinking of tomorrows rural health through becoming increasingly green and caring for our land…

Stuart, Otaki
Our pasture is doing really well as compared to when we moved here 4 yrs ago. It used to be the worst looking on the road now quite the opposite, a very rich green and all the stems standing up. All the bare patches have filled in and thatching all but disappeared.
Neil, Taupo

Functional Fertiliser has changed the way I do animal health, or should I say the way I don’t do animal health.

This year I calved 145 cows and the results have been very disappointing from a veterinarian’s point of view.  I have not lost a cow.  There was only one retained membrane. Milkfever cows can be counted on one hand.  What’s bloat?  What do you drench/dust magnesium/calcium for again?  Hip lifters were used once for 30 minutes.  Calving ropes were used twice.  The few and far between cases of springtime mastitis were usually gone after one treatment (have not treated a cow since September).  Calf scours are all but a distant memory. 

My October veterinary bill topped out at $8.50, and I’m saving them an envelope in November, there’s no bill for them to send.  Eco-Logic has given me more time, more money, more milk, more cows and more grass, by doing nothing more than applying fertiliser twice a year.

Alan Macky, Te Awamutu.
This stuff is amazing. I have clover coming up where there was none before, thanks!!
Lance Unsworth

Just thought I would let you know…

We only have a small lifestyle block and borrowed a neighbour’s quad and little spreader to apply your DoloZest.

We misjudged the application rate and didn’t have enough to do one area.

Walking it last night the difference between where we have applied it and where we haven’t is HUGE.  We are having great spring growth here but I honestly did not expect to see such a marked difference, it is the most extreme of any fertiliser I have ever applied.

It was worth missing out that area just so we could note the difference.

Thank you.


Hi Folks

I wish to inform you that at our Forest Lakes Farm Otaki we do not have worms, or lice on our cattle. We have purchased Angus yearling Hfrs and drenched once on arrival to the farm, we hold stock in a Quarantine paddock for a week so most of eggs can drop, then shut this paddock for 4-5 weeks.  We never drench them again, they have shiny coats and do not smell. If anything they have a sweeter smell, and are happy cattle. They have salt blocks and minerals mix in the troughs.

The cattle are on a biological farm now converted to Organic.  Applied a balanced Functional Fertiliser program [with no N] this has developed 100% healthy soils and pasture.  Over 4 years increased the carbon [zero – positive] gains.  Stock are fed mature mixed pasture, 30- 45 day rotation with excellent weight gains. 

Stuart P
Just a quick note to tell you the fertiliser I got off you has been AMAZING. I have the most wonderfully healthy and burgeoning gardens. And where I have used soil for potting mix, the results are spectacular.
Clare, Selwyn Huts

We first started using the Functional Fertiliser solid fertiliser programme on 37 ha in April 2010 after being concerned that pasture performance was declining and we were growing more and more dandelion. We rang Peter to get him to visit to see what was going on and what he could do to change what we were seeing. 

What we found was the soil was extremely hard, very little topsoil and the roots were growing horizontal. He explained to us what his programme would do.

We were so impressed, after 6 months with visual assessment of soil and pasture that we converted the rest of the farm (96 ha) to the programme. On the visit with Peter in October 2011 the change was amazing. Soil is easy to break up, roots are working their way right down through the sand, plenty of worm castings and topsoil.  No more dandelion!!! But palatable pasture and heaps of clover.  We have parts of the farm that is very salt damaged and is now growing rye and the clover is moving in on these patches. With the wet May/June we experienced we were still able to get the tractor on the paddocks to feed out silage without making a mess.  We enjoy Peter’s visits because he spends the time with us assessing the soil structures, clovers, animal appearance and answering the many questions that we have. Exciting times ahead. 

Belinda Spratt and Ivan Burgener, Te Puke

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